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Do you want to know more about how to manage a bladder or bowel problem?

The Continence Advisory Service provides free, confidential advice, treatment and practical help for any adult with bladder or bowel incontinence problems, including bedwetting.

Clinics are run by continence nurse specialists at several sites throughout Solihull.

Adults over the age of 16 can contact us for help or advice on 0121 704 2381.

Do you:

  • Go to the lavatory very frequently, or sometimes not make it in time?
  • Leak when you cough, laugh, run and jump etc?
  • Find your bladder empties suddenly, several times a day without warning?
  • Feel anxious if you are not sure where to find a lavatory?
  • Cut down on fluids to try to avoid being wet?
  • Refuse invitations to go out, to avoid risking 'accidents'?
  • Wet the bed at night?
  • Suffer with constipation?
  • Have difficulty with bowel control?

Bladder/bowel problems can often be cured and nearly always managed more effectively.

You are not alone!

What happens if I contact you?

The Continence Nurse Specialist or Physiotherapist will talk to you about the problem - when and how it started, exactly what is happening now, and generally about your health and lifestyle.

They will build up a picture of why you are experiencing problems and what can be done to help you.

Sometimes special tests are needed to find out exactly why the bladder or bowel is misbehaving.

After a full assessment the nurse will discuss your problems and possible solutions, many different treatments can be used for bladder or bowel problems, depending on the cause.

The nurse or physiotherapist will also give ideas on the practical day-to-day coping with bladder or bowel problems.

If you would like help and advice, please call us on 0121 704 2381.

You can either chat to us on the phone or arrange to come and see us in one of our clinics.

Clinic times vary, so please contact us in advance for an appointment.

Contact Us

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Tel 0121 704 2381
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