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Hand Hygiene

Handwashing remains one of the single most important actions that we can take to protect ourselves, and our families, from germs that can cause infection. Simple handwashing removes most germs effectively. Soap and water is a great weapon against the invisible intruders that we pick up on our hands during our daily activities. Our hands are the perfect vehicle for germs, and if we do not wash our hands we spread bugs. Help protect yourself and your family

Wash your hands before
Preparing food
Eating food

Wash your hands after
Handling raw meat
Using the toilet
Changing a nappy
Touching rubbish bins
Using cleaning cloths
Playing with pets
Emptying litter trays
Working in the garden
Cleaning up blood or vomit

Six easy steps to clean hands

Before you begin

Wet your hands under running water, apply soap and then follow these six steps, rubbing the hands together quickly and firmly for around 15 seconds

When your hands are clean rinse your hands under running water, and dry thoroughly