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The 'DocSpot' (Solihull GP Exercise Referral Scheme)

DocSpot gives you an opportunity to improve your health through taking part in a supervised programme of physical activity designed to meet your personal needs and aspirations.

Who is DocSpot for?

People aged 16 years and over, living or working in Solihull, whose health would be improved by general exercise. Participants must be committed to improving their health through regular physical activity.

How much does it cost?

Your welcome consultation will be free and all following sessions will be at the discounted price of £2.25. Certain sessions will include an optional swim in the pool after. Monthly memberships are also available at discounted prices.

What should you expect?

DocSpot will provide you with the knowledge to make improvements to your lifestyle and over 12 weeks it will give you a helping start. However, it is not a 'cure all' for your health and will require your commitment to be effective.

Will it mean hard work?

No. The programme should be easy to start with and as you become fitter your programme will be adjusted. At every stage you follow your programme at your own pace.

What do you need to do?

Your GP/Practice Nurse may feel that taking part in more physical activity would benefit your health. You will then be referred to DocSpot. The following will then take place:

1. A DocSpot referral form will be completed by your GP/Practice Nurse. You will be given a pink copy of the form
2. You then book a welcome consultation assessment at the leisure centre. You can do this by visiting the leisure centre or telephoning (see contact details overleaf)
3. You need to bring your pink referral form with you to your welcome consultation
4. Your welcome consultation will be on a one-to-one basis with a qualified Exercise Professional where we will discuss your medical history, medication, exercise history and preferences. This helps us to tailor an exercise programme specifically for your needs
5. Please remember to bring your current medication to your welcome consultation (in their packets or containers)
6. A 12-week programme of exercise will be agreed between yourself and the exercise expert. This programme will be altered throughout your 12 weeks to take account of any improvements you make
7. You will be able to use the leisure facilities at the centre during DocSpot session times (these will be given to you at your welcome consultation)

Your GP/Practice Nurse will receive information on your progress at the end of the 12-week programme.

No special clothing or equipment is needed. It is advisable to wear loose clothing in several layers and non-slip shoes with flat soles.

Are there creche facilities available?

Yes. Creche facilities are available, usually in the mornings.

The DocSpot leisure facilities

Session times vary depending on the centre.

Tudor Grange Sports Centre
Blossomfield Road
Solihull B91 1NB
(0121) 705 6371

North Solihull Sports Centre
Conway Road
Chelmsley Wood, B37 5LH
(0121) 770 3822

Solihull College Fitness Suite
Blossomfield Road
Solihull, B91 1SB
(0121) 678 7370

Pinks Fitness for Ladies
Cranmore Boulevard, Shirley, Solihull, B90 4RX
Tel: (0121) 711 8585

For more information, contact the Council at leisureservices@solihull.gov.uk / 0121 704 8201