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Residential Care

Service aims

To provide a period of rehabilitation in a specialised registered care/ nursing home to enable a person to cease their dependence upon drugs or alcohol.

What does this service offer?

This service offers a period of rehabilitation and advice regarding support after discharge

What you contribute towards this service will depend on your income or capital or that of the person you are caring for. We will explain to you the exact costs before you move in.

How do we decide if you quality for this service?

A Social Worker/Care Manager will meet with you to assess your rehabilitation needs, and discuss with you whether a placement is appropriate.

In order to receive this service, you or the person you care for must:

1. Be alcohol or drug free at the point of commencing a placement. If needed you may be asked to undertake a period of detoxification prior to moving to a residential placement.

2. Have attempted rehabilitation involving specialist services whilst living at home. This must have proved insufficient to meet your needs or such rehabilitation must be shown to be inappropriate.

3. Have a letter from a doctor confirming that you have a serious dependence or addiction to drugs or alcohol, which is considered to constitute, risk of significant harm to your health and/or social functioning. The letter must recommend that residential rehabilitation is appropriate. (If you are receiving support from Solihull's Drug and Alcohol Team a letter from your key worker can replace the letter from a doctor)

4. Demonstrate clear evidence that the use of residential rehabilitation is part of a commitment toward stopping long term use of addictive substances.

All placements must offer a specific plan with clear arrangements for post discharge support. Also a satisfactory medical oversight must be proven.

To apply or to find out more contact your local Mental Health Social Work Team at:

Mental Health Team (North)
Newington Centre
Newington Road
off Hamar Way
Marston Green
B37 7RW
0121 678 4950

Mental Health Team (South)
Lyndon Clinic
Hobs Meadow
B92 8PW
0121 678 4800.